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Fire Prevention FAQs | Fayetteville, NC

Fire Protection Inc. wants you to be armed with the proper knowledge when it comes to fire protection and safety. Browse the FAQs or contact Fire Protection Inc. for more information.


How can I tell how old my Fire Extinguisher is?

All fire extinguishers have a "Born On" date. On the chrome liquid types that date is usually found on the hanger loop. On the regular ABC, BC, or Halon extinguishers that date is usually found on the label. However some manufacturers stamp the date in the "boot" located around the extinguisher base. Some manufacturers stamp the date in the bottom. On the CO2 type extinguishers this date is found stamped around the shoulder near the top.

I had a really minor fire and used just a little, do I have to get it recharged?

The answer is YES. Although the extinguisher may feel heavy, like it's still full, or still shows some pressure on the gauge (if it has one!) most likely there will no longer be enough pressure to expel the chemical next time something happens and you need it.

There are also other problems that need to be checked as well, such as powder stuck in the discharge hose, the valve not seating right, etc. Call us. We will respond to your building with a loaner extinguisher for you to use free of charge while we service and recharge your extinguisher.

My extinguisher looks like it's in perfect condition, why is it no longer any good?

There are constantly changes being made in Fire Extinguisher regulations and guidelines. Most of these are governed by NFPA 10. The latest changes are as follows:

CO2 extinguishers built prior to 1955 are no longer serviceable, therefore must be taken out of service at the next test.

"General" brand CO2 Extinguishers with the copper colored aluminum valve are to be taken out of service at the next test no matter what the age. "General" is out of business and there are no parts being manufactured for them. Other "General" brands that are to be taken out of service at the next test are identified with the letter "F" surrounded by a shield stamped into the shoulder or the following ID number, "6557".

Pressurized water extinguishers (the Chrome ones) built prior to 1971 must be taken out of service at the next test. In addition, any pressurized water extinguisher that has the "winged" nut under the valve must be removed from service at the next test as well.

Dry chemical fire extinguishers built prior to 1984 must be taken out of service as well at the next test date.

There are a few brands that are currently in use and must be taken out of service at the next test. These have lost their DOT testing status and can be identified with the following code stamped into the base "DOT4B195".

There is a recall on the large 10 lb. size "Kidde" brand extinguisher depending on the age and cylinder style. Our technicians are trained to spot these. These extinguishers must be taken out of service immediately. We will leave you a loaner and return the extinguisher to the manufacturer who will send us a replacement for it. When we receive it we will deliver it to you and pick up our loaner.

How do I clean up dry chemical after a fire?

Cleanup of the product is best achieved using a vacuum or wet sweep and shovel. Either method will minimize the generation of dust. Bag or drum the product for disposal. If the product has been used on a fire or has become contaminated, use personal protective equipment and containment means that are appropriate for the composition of the mixture.

What is that plastic collar around the neck when my extinguisher was returned?

All dry chemical type extinguishers as well as water based and CO2 brought in for 6yr maintenance, hydro test, or recharge will have verification collars attached as proof of depressurization, devalving and internal maintenance.

How can I tell if I am due to have my fire extinguishers checked?

Look at your fire extinguisher tag. It will be punched with a month and year. Your extinguishers are due for annual required service 1 year from that date. Do not have a service tag? Call us and we will come out and provide a quick inspection while also placing you in our database.
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